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Schmitt Armaturen is a faucets and valves manufacturer established in Dresden, Germany in 2001. Schmitt project was born from the initiative of its Management with more than 30 years of European experience in bathroom mixers and sanitaryware field.
The objective has always been to become a creative and quality alternative for distributors and consultants who were looking for German accuracy and quality products through constant innovation and the use of the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques. 
Since its establishment, Schmitt has always delivered the ideal solution for bathrooms and kitchens. Considering the global economic climate, Schmitt understands the demands of the market and is diversifying their products to better meet the request of the customers who are looking for more cost-effective solutions without compromising our German heritage.
Exclusively designed by European professionals and engineered for enduring performance and quality, Schmitt faucets are manufactured to meet the requirements of all projects on any scale.


Schmitt Armaturen

Schmitt products are 100% brass to ensure the long lasting durability of the faucets and valves.Furthermore the enhanced chrome finishing of Schmitt product allows you to conveniently reflect your personal style and help to realize your ideal bathroom and kitchen design vision.


Scmitt Sanitartechnik

Schmitt Sanitartechnik manufactures quality products, enhancing the user experience while adding definitive style to your bathroom.                                                                        The recent success and growth of Schmitt Sanitartechnik is down to the priority that the company places on excellent customer service, prompt delivery and cost-effective products.

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SCHMITT ARMATUREN GMBH Freiberger Straße, 39 01067, Dresden - Germany


Hansestraße 1, 49685

Emstek- Germany

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